About Us

STUDIO: Naturally Luxurious, Luxuriously Natural

Finding a luxury beauty or hair specialist that you can afford is never easy. Finding both of them under one roof, and in a welcoming high-end atmosphere – almost impossible.

With that in mind, years of looking for such place in London is what made our two entrepreneurial-minded founders craft this STUDIO: the sole destination for all your beauty needs with affordable prices. Because deluxe pampering can be reasonably priced. At least, here at STUDIO it is.

We believe in


Naturally luxurious, all our treatments are done using high-end hair, scalp, skin and beauty products. All our hair treatments are done using AVEDA, internationally renowned premium hair and scalp care expert.


We pride ourselves on being luxuriously natural. First and foremost, this is delivered through our use of premium skin care product Yon-Ka, an all-natural luxury French professional brand pioneering in phytotherapy (plant therapy) and phytembryotherapy (vegetal buds therapy); and Vita Liberata, World’s leading manual tanning brand.


Deluxe pampering can indeed be reasonably priced, at least at STUDIO. However while our prices are highly competitive, we never-ever compromise on quality of products we use, nor professionalism of specialists we employ.